Microsoft Windows Step by step setup guide

OS X setup guide

Install TuneSync™ Server on Windows Computer

Download and install the TuneSync™ server.
Start the installer

The application is running when you see this icon in the system tray.

Open iTunes to verify it is installed and running correctly. Add and configure your playlists.

Install and Configure TuneSync™ on Android™

From your Android™ device, download and install the TuneSync™ client

Tap the "Host Computer" option
Make sure your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi router
TuneSync will search for your computer on your network

Select the name of the library you wish to sync with
If your computer does not show up in a few minutes, go to the troubleshooting page for an additional step.
TuneSync™ will now attempt to connect to the host computer to get a list of your playlists

Select the playlists you wish to sync with

Your setup is now complete. TuneSync™ will now syncronize your playlists
Select "Sync Now" to start the sync process

See Troubleshooting for connection help.